"Where art exists, for me there is colour."
Rautt Jeans is a unique brand created by Selma Kalkavan who studied fashion design at Istituto Marangoni and Istituto di Moda Burgo in Milan.

Her fondness for fashion and burning desire to manifest this devotion into reality by combining it with denim which she strongly believes to be a symbol of freedom, self-expression, and joie de vivre, inspired her to take the bold step of founding Rautt Jeans.

Perfection of Art and Fashion:
Rautt Jeans "Where art exists, for me there is color.", says Selma Kalkavan who describes her own brand's spirit and style with the word "Rautt" which means "red". Rautt represents freedom, boldness, and excellence. This particular name echoes the core values of the brand and glorifies the need for self-expression.

A highly motivated designer with a keen interest in all disciplines of art, Kalkavan is driven to create exceptional and truly original collections, bringing fashion and art together under one roof at Rautt Jeans. Her ultimate vision is to transform Rautt Jeans into a special platform where fashion and art intersect in a way that allows aesthetics and creativity to flourish.

Rautt Jeans meticulously craft each product /piece with a distinctive style, high-quality materials, and greatly varying artistic approaches.

Rautt Jeans aspires to be not only a piece of clothing for bold, free-thinking women and men but also a brand that represents self-expression and a lifestyle.

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