What is most indispensable for you? Quality, comfort or elegance?

Here are a few tips to help you make the right decision and get a look that reflects your style…

Quality is the Beginning of Everything: Quality is the key to getting a long-lasting and durable piece in your denim. Designed with sustainable materials and high-quality production techniques, Rautt Jeans will be an indispensable part of your wardrobe.

Comfort Matters: Comfort is as important as elegance in denim choices. Rautt models that adapt to your body lines, offer flexibility and make you feel comfortable all day long will accompany you in your daily life.

The Key to Your Style: Finding the right fit that reflects your style will add originality to you and highlight your style.   Determine the most suitable fit for you with different Rautt options such as bootcut, skinny, slim fit or boyfriend cut. Complete your style with the right jeans that will reflect your own style!


Elegant and Comfortable: Jodi and Jodi B’ Jean Models

Jodi and Jodi B’ jeans models with mid-waist, slim fit and regular leg are candidates to be the favorites of those who want to achieve a look as strong and fit as skinny fit. With these models, you will not compromise on your elegance and keep up with the effortless elegance of daily life. Available in medium blue and black as color options, Jodi and Jodi B’ jeans offer an elegant silhouette with a cut that adapts to your body contours, while at the same time offering comfort and flexibility.  

Models: Jodi, Jodi B’
Colors: Blue, black


Feminine and Strong: Iggy Jean Models

Iggy models, which give a fit appearance by tightly hugging the body with their medium high waist, narrow cut and narrow leg features, will allow you to show off your feminine, cool and strong stance. Available in ecru and anthracite color options, Iggy jeans perfectly fit your body contours thanks to their special cut and make you look elegant from every angle. Reflect your bold and feminine style in a unique way with Iggy jeans models.

Models: Iggy.
Color: Ecru, antrasit


Add Color to Your Style: Flare Fit Jean Models

Flare Fit jeans, a classic essential with a mid-rise waist, slim fit and flared hems, offer a fit look with a body-hugging cut while balancing a relaxed look with flared hems. Alexis and Kaia, which are offered in rose dry and medium blue color options, will allow you to highlight your elegance while revealing your rebellious, modern and retro spirit.

Models: Alexis, Kaia.
Color: Rose, blue


Strong and Comfortable: High Waist Straight Cut Jeans – Ramone

High waist, straight cut and straight leg Ramone Jean will make you look impressive and powerful. crown your look. Ramone jeans, available in medium gray color option, make you look fit and fit with its high waist form and hip fit, while you do not have to compromise on your style with its straight cut that descends towards the cuffs.

Models: Ramone
Color: Gray.


Comfortable and Stylish: High Waist Wide Leg Jeans – Lita

Lita Jean; indispensable for those who are fond of comfort with its high waist, comfortable cut and wide legs! Lita Jean, which you can combine with sports or crop tops for an effortless elegance, is offered in light blue color. Lita Jean will add elegance to your style while offering you maximum comfort at every moment of the day.

Model: Lita
Color: Blue.

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